Hey,do you want your own SMM panel?

Start your own SMM panel business with us.


It is hard to sell service manually to customer. If you have a SMM panel like us it will reduce your time waste. Besides, it will give you an online identity and your customer can reach you at anytime on the website and can buy service. Moreover, it will help you to get order 24 hours even if you are sleeping. It can help you to make money even when you are sleeping!

Benefits of your own SMM Panel.

1. Earn while sleeping
2. No skill required
3. Receive payment from customers directly into your bank account
4. Sell services at your own price
5. We will provide you discount in every service
6. Place unlimited orders, No hidden charges
7. You can earn upto ₹40000 - ₹50000 monthly

8. Many payment gateway available

9. Fully customizable you can edit almost everything

10. 30+ Themes option available, change theme in just one click

This is so simple. If you buy a service at ₹ 100 from our panel you have to sell it with  (Actual price+Your Margin) ₹ 150 or at any rate as you wish on your panel. So, from this order you can make ₹50 profit and that is it.

Ofcourse Yes!

Firstly you need a Domain (Your panel name) Buy a Domain from any source, Domain name should be short and unique. We will also buy it for you if you don't have any knowledge about it. After Brought Domain, Visit Child panel Page and Order Child Panel with Your New domain, Set Admin panel username, currency and password and remember it. After order Child Panel set Name Servers  ns1.perfectdns.com
ns2.perfectdns.com  to Your Domain DNS. It auto-activates within 2-3 Hours.

No, you have to pay monthly rent for maintenance.