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You Have 5 Methods to Make Money With Us

Make a YouTube Video about PROMOTIONBEAST!

Create a video on youtube about how to sign up on, how to add funds, how to place an order, how to earn money by selling smm services from Promotionbeast (Title and description should be Include our panel link PromotionBeast - Smm Panel) and get money in your PromotionBeast's account after created video please submit your video URL through ticket and get reward.


You must have ATLEAST 100+ Subscriber on your channel and 5+ video posted before to get this offer.You can get this giveaway unlimited time for each channel. If you have multiple channel, you can post different unique video to your different channel to get this.

Description for video:

The description of the video should contain:

  • Our Panel link ( you can also use your affiliate link for extra earning )
  • Hashtags related to our web-site. Example: #smmpanel #instagramfollowers #promotionbeast #instagramlikes
  • Enter appropriate keywords in description for ranking

When I get a prize?

After receiving and watching video we will give you prize.

Write an Article About PROMOTIONBEAST!

If you are a Blogger and loves writing artices, so its a good opportunity for you to make money 

What could be in the article?

Create an article review of our panel & service, explain how to place an order,how to become reseller, its all depends on your ability.

You can tell about:

  • Information about services, Payments
  • How to use our webite
  • How to earn with affiliates/Refer & Earn
  • How to become a reseller ( Resell our services )
  • Other

What kind of blogs do we accept?

Absolutely any. Prize will be calculated by parameters,blog rank, referrals, etc.

  • Prize depends on your own skills

The article should contain:

  • Our Panel link ( you can also use your affiliate link for extra earning )
  • Hashtags related to our web-site. Example: #smmpanel #instagramfollowers #promotionbeast #instagramlikes
  • Enter appropriate keywords for ranking

After post an artical ,send a link to the article and your username on our website using tickets

After receiving and reading article we will get you prize.

Affiliates (5% Commission) Refer & Earn

By referring users to our site, you can receive 5% of every single deposit they make into the panel.

  • Advertising us on social media sites, forums, even your friends are all great ways of getting valuable affiliates! 
  • Be creative and you can make thousands with your affiliate link

The minimum affiliate payout is currently ₹100.00, which will be applied to your PromotionBeast account balance.

Create Your Own Smm Panel (ONLY ₹1500/MONTHLY)


  • It is hard to sell service manually to customer. If you have a smm panel like us it will reduce your time waste. Besides, it will give you an online identity and your customer can reach you at anytime on the website and can buy service. Moreover, it will help you to get order 24 hours even if you are sleeping. It can help you to make money even when you are sleeping!

How can I make profit from My panel?

  • This is so simple. If you buy a service at ₹ 100 from our panel you have to sell it with  (Actual price+Your Margin) ₹ 150 or at any rate as you wish on your panel. So, from this order you can make ₹50 profit and that is it.



Reselling: Become a Reseller now

Since all of our service are automated, this allows you to be able to resell our services to others who are unaware of PromotionBeast.

  • You can create your own threads, advertise on social media or reach out to local businesses. Again, being creative can go a long way by doing this!
  • Example: We are selling IG followers for ₹50/K, you can advertise those same followers for ₹100/K or more. This can lead to huge margins as you will often sell more than one unit. Feel free to sell as many services as you like!